Time Management

Every month I hand in receipts and figures to my accountant. Invoicing, accounting and everything needs to be on time. Taxes have to be paid. Plural. I am happy to have a very thorough accountant that really goes after all the details. I do not want to be investigated by the tax office.

3 or 4 years back I logged my hours the same way. My professional hours are always logged, but for a couple of months I reported how I spent my time. In an Excel sheet I put down who I was spending time with, what I did and where I was. I didn’t pay much attention to the list during the days or weeks. I did not use it for planning. I lived my life the way I was used to. I just noted down everything towards the end of the day or week.

After approximately two months I studied the list. I was curious to see if I had spent my time in accordance with my ambitions and goals. I believed I had control over my priorities but I wanted to verify it. So I summarized the number of hours spent on babysitting, self development, exercise, dinner parties and so on. I was happy to see that there was balance in my accounting. I was more or less in line with my goals in that period.

Time is valuable. I do think it is important to think through the priorities some times. And similar to what you find within spending money it is not always the things you think are expensive that really cost you. You might be surprised.

“Teach us to number our days that we may gain a heart of wisdom.”

Bible ref;Psalm 90,12

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