Everybody likes to be invited. Nobody likes to be left out. If there is a party going on and I think I am a natural guest I sometimes find it strange if I am not invited. And every now and then I am invited to parties that I am surprised and happy to be invited to.

Normally I would not turn up in a party where I am not invited. Normally I also would understand if it is a party where you need an invitation or if I can just join some of the people going there. It is not a big problem really, but over the years there have been situations where I have been unsure what to do or how to interpret the expressed invitation.

This also applies to situations where I am getting to know people. Are they really open to more contact or should I hold back? When it is my own initiative it is for the most part easy, but there has to be some balance in the initiatives as well.

As a sales person I am not afraid of getting a no or be turned down. I know there are millions of reasons why people seem to turn my offers down. Also I know that I can adjust my offering to something that I am sure my client would go for. That’s when I get surprised if I get a refusal. I am happy to know for sure that the invitation from God is an open one. No limitations. He makes it clear that he is interested in every person on this planet. No exceptions. But the invitation can sound like this;
“Draw near to God and he will draw near to you.”

Bible ref: James 4,8

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