My to-do-lists can sometimes be overwhelming. They are too overwhelming and definitely too ambitious. Number of tasks and time available don’t match. At the end of the day I have to move quite a few tasks over to the next day, next week or next month even. Rescheduling is a privilege. I find email as the perfect tool for postponing things. Postponement is a blessing. By sending an email I feel like doing something even if I’m not really. It is similar to texting to tell I’m late for a meeting.

Furthermore I find that I tend to put down all the mandatory things on my to-do-list if I make one. Not things like sleep or eat, but close. And to feel I am really accomplishing something I also put down the tasks I just finished. Just so I can check some of the elements on the list right away.

Some of the things are not really important or necessary tasks. If there was some kind of an emergency I would leave out a lot. I think we are sometimes doing stuff that really is insignificant and boring. But of course it still might be important in some ways. I don’t know really. Can it be that it is just healthy for man to work? That we just need to be active? I also know some are addicted to work.

I am glad there is work that really makes me happy; Meaningful and inspiring tasks. It is like food. Some vitamins and food is vital. Some food is just for pleasure. Some food is both.

Jesus once said something about this;
“My food,” said Jesus, “is to do the will of him who sent me and to finish his work.

Great work – good food.

Bible ref; John 4,34

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