About me and this blog

I am Siri. Kenyans, whenever I meet them, keep telling me my name means ‘secret’. I am not at all that secret, but I may share a few secrets in this blog.

For a year I have done what the title of this blog promised – posted a text everyday. I have let deeper thoughts on life, faith and the greater perspective come down in typing. But when I hit day 365 I took a break. It is time to change something. I am not sure what will happen next, but I will still occasionaly post something – and hope it is a blessing to the reader.

I live in Bergen, Norway – close to the North Pole. It feels like that as well. I am working with team building and team management (along with a few other things). Churchlife is important to me and I am part of a team building a new, authentic, enthusiastic and inspiring church in my city; Bergenskirken.

About this Blog 

’I didn’t see this coming’. This blog just happened. Being an IT-person and active user of the internet I had still never read a blog post before this idea just came; I want to write and share my thoughts. So it came to pass an early morning in October 2010.

It is challenging to share ones thoughts in few words and at the same time tell a lot. Also I want something to be up to the reader to find out.

  • If I can give some perspective to everyday life and business I am satisfied.
  • If I can share something that would be an encouragement and uplifting inspiration I am happy.
  • If it can lead somebody to get the grasp on what’s it all about I am thrilled.


Now it has passed one year since I started and I still haven’t missed out. We’re talking around 100.000 words. Say no more… But kind of ambitious to call it the Daily Blog, don’t you think?

So far I have had hundreds of guests from all over the world and they keep coming via Facebook references, Twitter, plain googling and friends.

You are most welcome!



10 tanker om “About me and this blog

  1. …så flott at du også er kommet til bloggverden..feel free når det gjelder språk….hjertespråk forstår alle…..marit

  2. Eg opnar bloggen din med forventning kvar dag, og nyt dine refleksjonar. Eg høyrer ikkje stemma di, men det gjer ingenting. Det er fint det du skriv. Hald fram. Klem

  3. Du, dette var veldig fint, Siri! Veit absolutt at du er ei som har mykje bra å kome med, så dette blir spennande. Forventar óg innlegg på nynorsk!

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