The screen shows: “To logon press CTRL + ALT + DELETE”. You then get the choice whether to logon, lock computer, log off and so on. (Yes I am referring to former versions of Windows but CTRL+ALT+DELETE still works)

Then open your email. Go crazy. Through your email you can probably get all things done. You can delay stuff, order stuff, offend people, encourage people and you can find all the emails you never answered or never opened.

I am normally on top of things. Normally I will keep my inbox down to a size of let’s say 100 emails. Something like that. Where are all the others? In subfolders; Gives a sense of control. Not any more. My inbox has 1299 emails. One of my inboxes that is. Only 38 are unread but I know what they contain. I think.

I was once teaching people how to replicate their inbox into another system. The response time was extreme. Why? One user had like 12.000 emails in her inbox. “Do you ever delete anything?” “No.”

It is time to cleanup, get on top of things again. My former colleague and friend told me he once came back from vacation, opened his inbox, pressed: CTRL + A (select all) and then DELETE. He got rid of them all in a second. “If there was anything important they’ll come back to me.” he said. I was shocked.

It might be time for a cleanup. But I’ll keep the valuable stuff; big orders, nice words, important questions and a few memories. Then I’ll move the rest to an archive.

I something think about what the Bible tells me:
“Forget the former things;
do not dwell on the past.
See, I am doing a new thing!”

CTRL + A Delete? Then CTRL + N.

Bible ref; Isaiah 43,18-19  

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